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How to Use: It may be inhaled from a tissue to alleviate indigestion and morning sickness during pregnancy. For treating bruises and sores on the skin, ginger is one of the best oils and rubbing it on the affected areas should speed the healing process and ease the pain associated with the injury. In steam inhalations, it is helpful for colds and flu and its germicidal properties make it an excellent choice to combat infections.

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Orange and Ginger Massage Blend

Ginger oil is a nice addition to your massage oil or body scrub, as it can ease minor aches and pains. The warming properties of ginger oil make it a wonderful choice for a soothing ,yet invigorating bath and will help improve circulation.

How to Use: Add three drops of orange and two drops of ginger to one cup of your favorite carrier oil, and shake to mix well. The best carrier oils to use when making a massage blend are jojoba oil and sesame seed oil. Jojoba oil has a very similar chemical makeup to your skin’s composition, plus during massage it keeps the skin lubricated to prevent damage. Sesame seed oil plays a vital role because it penetrates into the skin readily and helps remove toxins.

As one of the more odoriferous oils, ginger should be used in moderation, but as you can see, the affinity with orange is unmistakable.


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