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Soulja Boy Exposed By His Side Chick

Did you know Soulja Boy and Diamond were still dating? Neither did we, but apparently the duo are still an item and one woman, Soulja’s side chick, is mad about it. The jump off penned a sincere apology letter (give us a break) to Diamond, chronicling her time with Soulja Boy in Miami, claiming they had all of 30 seconds of unprotected sex. And the woman sent photos of Soulja’s genitalia (it’s quite big) as evidence of their affair.

Read the letter, below:

Hi Diamond.

I’m sending you this email with my sincerest apologies and with my utmost respect. I have been friends with Soulja for almost 6 years and after not seeing him for the past 2 years he invited me to Miami. During the time Dre and I have been apart he has been regularly asking me to visit and sending me very provocative pics as u will see I have attached.

Dre had me come out to Miami on Wednesday night and at that time we had unprotected sex (which only lasted about 30 seconds) I honestly was not even aware that you two were still dating because you haven’t been promoting your relationship on instagram like you normally would.

When he wanted me to leave Miami the very next day I was surprised and politely declined only to find out that he had you come into town and stay in the same hotel.

At this point I became so enraged at the level of disrespect that he showed me that I left the hotel early Friday morning just so I would never have to look at his face again. Not only did he disrespect me but he also disrespected you by sleeping with me without a condom and then seeing you the very next day.

I just want you to be aware of how much of a manipulative liar you are dealing with. Of coarse you will never have to worry about me seeing Dre ever again because I took these extreme measures to ensure that he would never contact me again. Attached u will find some of the pics Dre sent me along with some recent texts I screenshotted from my phone.

When will these rappers learn? See the pics, here.

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