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janette colantonioHave you ever planned to start a new diet or workout plan “on Monday” or “tomorrow” and those days came and went with no change? Janette Colantonio, a wife and mother of three, watched many Mondays and tomorrows come and go until she finally decided to face the 400-plus pounds on her scale and transform her life.

Her weight loss journey began March 24, 2011 and since then she’s lost over 250 pounds! had an opportunity to learn more about Janette’s amazing journey and how she’s inspiring others to “refuse to fail”.

BDO: Was it an event or issue that was your motivation to begin to lose weight?

JC: I have wanted to lose weight for quite some time. I never thought I could do it, attempting to lose over 200 pounds without surgical intervention. For someone who could not get through a complete day on a so called diet it seemed like a daunting task. In March of 2011 I got a seat belt ticket for being too large to buckle up. That literally became my ticket to lose. I could no longer deny that I had to lose the weight, weighing in at over 400 pounds, just over 5’5  tall, and measuring 63 inches in my waist.

BDO: How long did it take and what are you doing now to maintain your weight loss?

JC: I lost my first 100 pounds within 6 months and over 200 in under 2 years . I am active and continue to eat right. I still strive to have a healthy relationship with food . I work toward embracing and loving who I am everyday.

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