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It may seem simple for one to have an orgasm during sex everytime if you were to compare yourself to a man, but women are completely different. An average of over 70% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. Clitoral stimulation is needed in conjunction with vaginal sex for many women in order to bring about that moment (or moments) of ecstasy.  It takes education about your own body to know what spots or movements get you aroused the most in order to truly master the orgasm. It can be learned just like any other sexual or basic skill.  Sometimes, it is common for an inability to orgasm to be linked to a health condition, so make sure to speak to your doctor about this issue if you believe you have a problem with reaching an orgasm regularly.

4. Self-esteem affects orgasm.

As women, we are thinkers and when we get into our own thoughts or become self-conscious about our bodies or performance during sex, the orgasm stays as far away as possible.  How you view your lady parts and how confident you are in your sexual skill plays a role in reaching an orgasm.  As long as your vagina is pain free, you don’t have any other medical problems  and you don’t have any weird discharge or sores present, you can consider yourself to be healthy and normal.  Every woman’s body is shaped differently, and the best way to embrace your your uniqueness is to grab a hand mirror and take a look at yourself down there.  The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more relaxed you will be when you get into a sexual situation with your partner. Confidence ushers in relaxation, and relaxation ushers in an orgasm.

5. Mixing things up in the bedroom brings more orgasms.

Switching things up in the bedroom makes it significantly easier for a woman to experience an orgasm over sticking to one position or one activity the entire time.  As stated above, many women need clitoral stimulation along with vaginal sex in order to reach an orgasm, so switching into positions that allow both of these parts to be stimulated simultaneously is a great way to move closer to a climax.  The more sex acts you bring into the bedroom, the more time you will spend having sex which will increase your chances of reaching an orgasm.


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