Beyoncé may have made the cover of Time magazine’s most influential people issue, but the singer’s half-brother Nixon Knowles is living life in a less than influential location.

Inside Edition recently caught up with Nixon’s mother, Alexsandra Wright, who revealed that she and her four-year-old son have moved out of a three-story home in Los Angeles to live in a new trailer home. The move occurred once the former actress was unable to continue paying on the LA residence.

“It’s temporary housing so I can pay bills and get a job,” said Wright, who currently lives on public assistance. “My white lie is that we are going on vacation for a little while.”

Wright’s dilemma is the latest in the ongoing saga involving her and Beyoncé’s father and former manager Matthew Knowles. The pair had an 18-month affair while Knowles was married to Bey’s mother, Tina. Matthew Knowles was confirmed as Nixon’s father via a paternity test after the youngster was born in 2010. The affair came at a heavy price as Tina filed for divorce from Matthew, who found himself without a job when Beyoncé fired him as her manager.

Since the affair went public, Wright said she’s been labeled as a gold-digger, trying to get at Beyoncé’s money and much worse.

“I got over a thousand death threats last week alone,” Wright told Inside Edition as she explained the reason why Beyoncé’s fans are coming down on her. “Because this article said that I blamed Beyoncé. Which again, let me say for the record, it’s not her fault. I’ve never blamed her. I want the best for her. Everyone is in pain.”

Although she harbor’s no ill will towards Beyoncé, Wright confessed to being shocked and angered at a judge’s recent ruling to honor Matthew Knowles’ request to cut his child support payments from $12,000 a month to $2,500 a month.

“I’m in the middle of a fight for my son’s rights,” said Wright, who added that Nixon can’t understand why he was uprooted from his home in LA to the two-bedroom, two bath trailer.

“The amount of stress that it all causes. Children need stability,” she said.

To help provide a stable environment, Wright finally reached out to a homeless support group for help. The group ultimately arranged for Wright and Nixon to live in a trailer park outside Los Angeles.

In Wright’s eyes, Beyoncé isn’t the person responsible for her current predicament. Instead, the blame lies with the person she once knew.

“Not Beyoncé’s fault. Don’t hold her accountable,” she said. I hold the father of my child accountable.”

via EURWeb