Joint pain is a common ailment for many adults and knee pain is the worst offender.  That all too familiar popping, cracking and stiffness often associated with the knees are not only inconvenient, embarrassing and sometimes painful, but they are signs that your knees need attention. Take heed to these tips for protecting your knees and walk strong for many years to come.

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Manage weight properly.

Our bones are pretty strong and with the muscles wrapped around them they are able to hold up a few dozen pounds with ease. Yet, when too much weight is put on the body the joints become stressed out from having to hold up excess body mass.  To take the stress off your knees, which hold up the majority of your body weight, stay within a healthy weight range that will give your knees a break. If you do not know the healthy weight range for your height and age, consult your physician for the specifics.

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