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05/01/14 –

Dear Tom,

Our parents raised six children and Della is the second oldest and the only daughter – so you can only imagine how hard it was for any guy who wanted to try to date her.

Della was a cheerleader in high school – and at 4 feet 11 inches tall, she was always at the top of the pyramid.  But even though she is vertically challenged, she will always stand tall in my sight.

She works full-time as a headhunter for a tech firm and takes care of our parents — our mother is 71 and dad is 74.  They have been in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation centers with various illnesses for several years.

For a while, she provided them with a home to reside in, but as their health worsened, she decided to take them into her own home.  She takes them wherever they need to go and gives them whatever they need.

It overwhelms me to think of all the sacrifices she has made over the years all while taking care of her husband and raising three kids.  I want to let her know that all her hard labor is not in vain and that she is loved.

About three years ago, Della and her husband, Don, took a weekend road trip to Ashville and stayed at the Omni Resorts Grove Park Inn.  She fell in love with the place and I just know that a second time around would do her a lot of good.

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