CHECK OUT: Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off During Sex

4. Porn star expectations

It is common knowledge that men use pornography as a source of inspiration when practicing self -pleasuring, but the expectations that are often placed on women during performance because of pornography are unrealistic. Your favorite porn star may be hot and ready to have sex instantaneously and she may be able to be placed in intricate positions and handle penetration at creative angles, but those techniques often do not translate to the average everyday woman. Expecting a woman to know how to ride perfectly for 15 minutes or expecting a woman to perform fellatio as enthusiastically as a porn star can cause a woman to feel insecure about her sexual skills which can lead to performance anxiety. Be realistic about the sexual skillset your woman has and leave the porn star fantasies at the door (unless she has expressed and proven that she actually has those capabilities).

5. Hit and run

It is a slap in the face to a woman when a man reaches his climax, rolls over, gets himself together and then runs off like a thief in the night. Running off immediately after the sexual experience is a huge turnoff and makes a woman feel like she has been used up without any type of affection or consideration for her feelings. Men typically do not attach their emotions to sex to enjoy themselves but women do, so after sex don’t just run off. Cuddling or lying closely together to talk about the sexual experience is a great way to let your partner know that she is appreciated and adored and an excellent way to bond. Don’t just take the most precious piece of a woman and walk away from the experience selfishly. Show your appreciation for the woman who has allowed you into her most intimate space, especially if you want to see her again and keep your relationship intact.


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