*One day after being accused of brandishing a gun at a West Hollywood comedy club, Katt Williams is giving his side of the story. And it doesn’t involve a weapon of any kind.

Speaking with, Williams made it known that he wasn’t the one doing the assaulting. The misunderstood funnyman said he was the victim in the whole thing, which he said involved being verbally attacked and threatened by four gangbangers who repeatedly called him “Cuz.” Cuz is Crip slang that refers to the gang’s archrival, the Bloods.

Regarding his ordeal, the entertainer mentioned that things took a physical turn when four guys followed him to his car and started assaulting him. Despite being outnumbered and on the receiving end of a beatdown, Williams maintains he never pulled a gun on anyone. In fact, the comedian says he never even had a gun and labeled the 911 call reporting he was brandishing a weapon, absurd.

Speaking of the call, Williams gave his theory on who the person is that contacted the authorities. According to him, it was the gang members themselves who tipped the authorities off.

Williams’ denial comes amid talk of the comedian pulling a gun on someone around 2 a.m. Wednesday during a performance on the Sunset Strip. TMZ reports that the victim baited the joke teller with comments about his height and race.

“We’re not sure if it was a heckler,” Sgt. Valentine told the site Wednesday, while confirming that deputies took the call seriously and raced to the scene, some with weapons draw

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