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What better way to achieve your healthy weight goals than to do as the experts do, right? Below are the real-life secrets of four busy health experts.


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Secrets of a Fit Physician

Seeing patients, saving lives, conducting research, teaching, writing books, and giving lectures: Job stress could send Lori Mosca, MD, PhD, FITNESS advisory board member, and director of preventive cardiology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, straight to the cafeteria’s chocolate cheesecake. “I have the kind of schedule that can lead to eating poorly,” explains Dr. Mosca, who has crossed the finish line at more than 100 triathlons.

How she does it: By being consistent.

A sensible sandwich. Dr. Mosca buys a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with lettuce and tomato for lunch.

Fruit salad. This triathlete keeps thirst at bay by snacking on fruits high in water, such as watermelon and grapes.

Cranberry cocktail. When she wants a break from her usual H2O, Dr. Mosca mixes equal parts cranberry juice and club soda. “The antioxidant-rich juice cleanses your kidneys, and the soda cuts calories and sugar,” she says.

Rise and dine. You should never be too busy for breakfast, Dr. Mosca says. Her go-to a.m. meals include low-fat, low-sodium cottage cheese mixed with canned mandarin oranges (“I pour out the juice, because there’s a lot of sugar in it,” she notes) or an omelet with low-fat Swiss cheese, tomato, and spinach.

Start smart. A peaceful morning routine preps your mind and body for a jam-packed day. “I do a medley of stretches when I wake up,” Dr. Mosca says.

Try this one: Stand with your hands on your hips and make 10 clockwise circles with your hips, then switch directions.

Also, buddy up for the burn. Squeeze in exercise that doubles as quality time with family or friends. Dr. Mosca and her husband go for a long run on Sunday mornings, followed by a relaxing breakfast.

Secrets of a Diet-Savvy Dad

When it comes to nutrition, father knows best. Meet David L. Katz, MD, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in Derby, Connecticut. He has five kids, ages 21, 20, 15, 14, and 10.

How he does it: Preparation, preparation, preparation

Dr. Katz always packs a cooler full of healthy snacks before a road trip. “It’s part of my routine. I control our food choices by making them in advance,” he says.

Pack of cooler full of healthy goodies. When you’re traveling, bring foods that are easy to eat, such as grapes, bananas, pears and carrot sticks. For lunch, try making veggie pockets with your favorite vegetables, along with avocado and hummus.

Upgrade the classics. You can still enjoy on-the-road favorites like chips, but try popular

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