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A Brooklyn woman murdered a tenant from her rental property before scattering the body parts all over Long Island.

Leah Cuevas is in custody after police found the remains of Chinelle Browne in four difference locations over the course of two weeks earlier this month. The New York Daily News reports that Leah hacked off Chinelle’s head during a rental dispute over $200.

Chinelle had been leasing a room in an apartment that was once owned by Leah’s dead uncle. The Guyanese immigrant (and a mother of four children) was paying Leah $400 a month to stay in the apartment, but utilities like hot water and electricity would frequently get shut off.

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After months of enduring inconsistent utilities, Chinelle was ready to leave the apartment for a better-managed property. Furthermore, she refused to pray for electricity that she wasn’t getting.

“[She] was tired of paying for lighting and having it go out, or the refrigerator going out and spoiling the food,” Chinelle’s neighbor, Donald Watson, told the Daily News. “[Chinelle] said she wanted to take her money and move out but the landlord said, ‘No.’ She wanted the $200 . . . but Browne said, ‘I need the $200 to move out.’”

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That sparked the fatal argument on July 5, when Leah cut Chinelle’s head off and then dismembered her body. Once Leah had hacked her tenant to pieces, the Daily News reports that she used a cab to transport suitcase filled with pieces of her victim all over Long Island.

Chinelle’s legs and torso were found in a municipal parking lot on July 8. A tattoo found on the body helped authorities to identify that they belong to murder victim. A day later one of her arms was found on someone’s front lawn, and the other arm was found on July 10. Investigators didn’t find her head until July 17.

Leah has been charged with murder and is being held without bail.


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