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*Tyson Beckford has BIG expectations for his upcoming film, “Chocolate City” — saying it will be bigger and better than “Magic Mike.”

Beckford is planning on showing much more skin than the pic above or more than his underwear photo shoots. Yep, that’s right — he’s plans to be booty naked!

Beckford revealed to Dish Nation he isn’t shy, and he would love to bare it all if the director permitted him to do so.

“I do realize that probably for the last 22 years women have wanted to see the package,” Tyson said. “I have no problem showing it. I don’t know if we are going to do any frontal, but I don’t care – I am not shy.”

The male supermodel will play Adrian — an aging stripper who is hired to share his “expertise” and whip younger dancers into shape.

After seeing “Magic Mike,” Beckford is confident in his film and how it could outshine “Magic Mike.”

“I saw ‘Magic Mike,’ and not to knock those guys, it was good movie for them, but I feel our script is a lot better than theirs. So hopefully we will catch a lot more theatrical people in there that will like the film — more than just to see skin.”

“Chocolate City” stars Romeo Miller, Laz Alonso and Shemar Moore as well, but there’s no leading lady. And if you’re thinking they should get Beyonce, Tyson highly doubts it would be her.