As wonderful as the 90 day rules sounds to women, for men it places a different sentiment.  In polling over 100 men personally via social media, my studies concluded that most men view the 90 day rule as something that is a game that doesn’t conclude in the desired outcome of most women.  Many women use the 90 day rule to secure commitment, however, for many men withholding sex to ensure long term stability and commitment isn’t the way to his heart.  This type of commitment makes men feel as if they have to go through a trial period just to prove themselves which is a huge turn off.

Do You Need A “Relationship Contract”?

All in all, the 90 day rule is something that is subjective for each person and should be attempted with clear understanding of what the relationship standard is and where it is going.  No one wants to be toyed with or played for the ego building of another, so be honest and clear up front about intentions.


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