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Looks like Shaquille O’Neal can’t escape the long arm of the law in South Florida.

According to the Miami Herald, the former NBA great applied last week to be a reserve police officer in Doral, Fla. O’Neal is currently going through the application process in addition to a background check. He may be well known, but don’t expect O’Neal’s celebrity status to be an asset in getting hired.

“If he passes, he will then have to do everything else to be certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, just like any of our other officers, reserve or not reserve,” city spokeswoman Christina Baguer told the Herald.

Provided that he passes his physical and psychological exams, O’Neal’s efforts to be a reserve officer wouldn’t the first time he’s put forth a successful effort to be a member of a police force. In 2005, the basketball all star was sworn in as a reserve police officer in the Miami Police Department in 2005, but he no longer is with the department, the Herald noted.