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Dear Tom,

My mother always told me wishes do come true, but i am not just asking for a wish— I need a miracle.   I am a fifty-one year-old, man who suffers from chronic stage 5 kidney disease and other serious conditions.   Currently, I am doing home dialysis seven days a week, which prevents me from working for the time being.   Trust me, i am the last one to complain because it could have been much worse, but my situation seems unbearable to me.  What I need is a helping hand.

I am on a fixed income due to my health issues.   I will have the option soon to take my dialysis at home during the night, while I sleep.   This will enable me to return to work during the day.    However, I must have running water in order to do this.   My existing water bill is so huge that it will be disconnected again within the month, unless it is paid in full.   Recently, it was shut off for lack of payment, but I managed to raise a few hundred to get it turned on again, but only for a limited time.   Without water, I will have to go to the hospital for dialysis, which will take three days a week for several hours each visit.  That would be a big inconvenience.

So Tom, my Christmas wish is to ask that you keep my water running by covering my enormous water bill.  Any thing you can do—will be much appreciated.



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