When America’s most speculated about couple hits TV screens this weekend when their “On The Run” tour performance from Paris is broadcast on HBO on Sunday night, there will still be people asking what’s up with them. Well, Beyonce seems to have made her own statement about those pregnancy rumors by posting photos of herself from the couple’s recent vacation in Corsica, France.

While she could be early on, we don’t think those pregnancy rumors are quite as compelling after seeing the pics. And the couple’s supposed divorce? Well, either they are geniuses at looking happy together when they’re actually miserable – certainly a possibility, or they are, you know, actually happy.

While we have no idea what’s really going on with their personal life, one thing we know for sure, is that Beyonce and Jay-Z know how to get money separately and together. So it should surprise no one that the latest rumor is that the dynamic duo are putting out a collabo records.

As Jay-Z has a history of doing this – less unsuccessfully with R. Kelly on their Best of Both Worlds project and aborted tour, and much more successfully with Kanye and their Watch the Throne record and tour – it could happen.

E! News is reporting that DJ Skee, who works with Dash Radio, an online radio station created by deejays,  has been told by sources in the Carter’s camp that a collabo project will hit the streets late this year or early next year.  Since we know Beyonce knows how to drop a secret project, this latest rumor might be more than just a rumor. I guess we’ll see…watch your iTunes!

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