09/17/14 –

Dear Tom,

I am writing this Christmas wish to hopefully give my son a break.  Randric is a thirty-five year-old, single father who takes such great care of his two boys, 9 and 3. Recently, he started his own landscaping business using very little startup money and lawn equipment held together with a prayer.

Tom, there is fierce competition in Randric’s field and he is working very hard to grow it into a business he can be proud of, while supporting his family.  However, he is losing valuable time every job fixing an older mower that constantly breaks down and using lawn equipment inadequate for more complex landscaping jobs. My heart is heavy just seeing how frustrated and stressed he gets. However, there is nothing more i can do for him due to my own limited income.

It is my Christmas wish to give my son the professional tools he needs to bring his business to the next level. A 32 inch zero turn lawn mower, a more efficient hedge trimmer and a powerful leaf blower for starters would help him immensely. If granted, this wish would be life changing for my son and secure my grandchildren’s future.

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