If you see any of these six warning signs in your relationship, you may need to jump ship.

1. He’s not really your boyfriend.

Many of us have been there: kinda-sorta seeing a guy, hooking up with him consistently, but not really knowing where we stand … or lay. We’ve learned the hard way that just because you’re sleeping with a guy, going out to dinner, receiving flowers from him on your birthday, and spending the night at his place every weekend, you’re not “official” unless you’ve had “the talk.”

2. He’s inconsiderate.

Relationships consist of two people who’ve chosen to share their lives. When you enter into a partnership there’s an expected level of consideration (and respect) for each other, like, for instance, calling when you say you’re going to call or offering to pick your significant other from the airport. The sort of things you typically want to do for the person you care about.

3. He doesn’t show up.

Just because something is important to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s important to your boyfriend. Still, he should support you in your endeavors, even if that entails sitting through your performance in The Vagina Monologues.

4. He constantly critiques you.

Whether he’s trying to keep you from “embarrassing yourself” or he thinks he knows what’s best for you, controlling men will find ways to critique you and your life – often under the guise of wanting to help you.

5. He pressures you into doing sexual stuff you’re not comfortable with.

Just because your boyfriend tries to convince you that the majority of women are fine with—even turned on by—certain acts between the sheets, that doesn’t mean you’re inferior or inadequate, or even prudish, if you don’t want to do them. If you’ve told your boyfriend you aren’t comfortable doing something in bed, he shouldn’t want you to do it. End of story.

6. He accuses you of being unfaithful.

We’re not precisely sure what psychology lies behind this crackpot move, but loads of women have reported the phenomenon. One girl’s boyfriend incessantly checked her phone for incriminating text messages, another’s demanded she check in with him every thirty minutes if she wanted to go out with her girlfriends, and more than a few girl’s boyfriends would go ballistic if they spied their ladies even talking to another guy.

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