A small boy has died after an unfortunate drowning at an Alabama church.

WAFF 48 reports:

A family is remembering a child who drowned in a baptismal pool at a church in Decatur.

Two-year-old Brayden King died over the weekend after he wandered away during a church event and fell into a baptismal filled with water.

His family described him as a child who loved music and loved to dance. His aunts said he was a loved little boy.

Family members said he was an active little boy who loved to dance and even preach. He also loved listening to music with his older sisters.

His death devastated the family and they say some people in the community blame King’s older sister for his death, saying she was supposed to watch him Friday night.

His sister is only 13-years-old. The family said she should not be blamed for this tragedy, and police agree, saying there is no criminal investigation underway.

One of her aunts said the sister found him and the world should know it’s not her fault.

“It’s not her fault. And she has to live with this,” the aunt said. “All the negative words and comments that’s been made about her, it needs to stop.”

King’s aunts said they’re still in shock, but they’ll pull through for their family.

King’s funeral will be held Thursday in Decatur.