If you plan on tailgating at an NFL game this week and you don’t plan on bringing your kids, make sure to hire a babysitter.

Three Browns fans in Ohio did not take that all-too-important step before tailgating at the Cleveland-Baltimore game on Sept. 21, and as a result they were cited by police for child endangerment — because that’s what happens when you leave your kids home alone for several hours.

According to, police found out that the three parents left the kids home alone because one of the children called 911 during a “group argument.” There were a total of five children between the ages of seven and 10 left home alone.

Since police aren’t in the job of babysitting, they had to call a cousin of one of the parents to come watch the kids until the adults returned from tailgating.

At least one of the parents, a 28-year-old male, is a serious tailgater. Police noted that as they left the home, the man pulled up in a giant tailgating camper. Go Browns!


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