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If you can relate to even a few of these, chances are you are in a relationship that will never give you the happiness you deserve:

  1. If you are in a relationship where at least half the time you feel like you want or deserve better – take it from those who know – you are right.
  2. If you argue, fight, or see behaviors in the guy you are dating that are questionable,  get out now. We all put our best face forward in the beginning. If the best he’s got is not up to par, it will only get worse. Don’t waste your time.
  3. Do you think you can change your guy into a better person?  It’s possible I guess.  But think about how hard it is to change yourself.  We have enough of a hard time trying to better ourselves.  Dating this kind of guy is like opening a new checking account with a negative balance and no income.
  4. Watch how men treat their mothers.  It is a big indicator of how they will treat their wives.
  5. Your closest friends dont like your man. This one is simple… Your friends are friends for a reason.  If you dont trust their judgement, why are you such good friends?
  6. He is easily angered.
  7. Since you have been with him, your self-esteem has gone down.
  8. He doesn’t like when you spend time with anyone else.
  9. He doesn’t respect you or your feelings.
  10. You often consider breaking up, but never follow through.
  11. He has cheated on you.
  12. If a guy treats you like he doesn’t care… seriously, he doesn’t care.
  13. He blames you for his bad behavior.
  14. You make excuses for him, even making up stories to tell your friends about how he did something nice for you.
  15. He lies. Again, and again, and again.
  16. He has called you by the wrong name.  This is never a good sign.
  17. He points out other women and how attractive they are in front of you,  and claims it’s a perfectly normal thing to do.
  18. He borrows money from you all the time and never pays it back.  If you need proof that this one is a bad sign, just watch any Judge Judy episode.
  19. You find yourself doing or saying things you would normally not do.
  20. Last of all, but most important– If you do nothing else, please, please, please listen to that voice within yourself when it is telling you something is not right.  The more you ignore that voice, the longer you go without listening, the harder it becomes to hear.  We have the gift of women’s intuition for a reason, so use it sooner than later and you won’t go wrong.

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