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Many folks have called Michael Jackson many things ranging from the greatest of all time, to the worst, but one thing he definitely should be called is one of the REALEST stand-up guys in the music industry. Word on the Old School curb is that when MJ bought the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog, he was unaware that the Beatles owned ALL of the rights to Little Richard’s publishing, which then meant that MJ acquired all of the rights to Little Richard’s publishing. As soon as Michael found that out, he immediately GAVE Little Richard ALL of his publishing rights back because he believed that Little Richard deserved to be compensated for his hard work after having been disrespected by his record label for so many years prior to.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Little Richard’s net worth is $40 million, so we’re sure those publishing checks had a lot to do with that.

As we all know, most soul artists were not getting paid what they were worth back in the day and Little Richard was caught up in that mix. So it’s beautiful thing to have had an artist like MJ in the music game who was willing to reach back and uplift the greats who paved the way for him.

One thing about Micheal is that he was not as soft spoken as we may have thought and he was NOT one to be tested on any level. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of MJ standing inside of a small Harlem, NY book store talking that real talk about his thoughts on former Sony Music exec, Tommy Mottola, and the foul side of the music industry. via: ilosm

MJ on the foul side of the music industry (the audio gets better at the 1:28 mark).

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