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Dear Tom,

Randall and I met back in 2009 and I am so glad to still have him in my life. Not only has he been significant in my life but in the life of my daughter as well. Now 6 years old, she hasn’t seen her biological father since she was 1 year old. But Randall has been of great influence; giving guidance, patience and love. Having a son of his own, I absolutely found it admirable that this man not only loves me but loves my baby girl as well.

A man of many talents, it has always been a pleasure to be in his presence. And quite a few people feel the same. Randall has always had a gift with music and has shared his talents with those around him. It’s remarkable to see him sit down at his computer and create a musical masterpiece that starts with a simple knocking sound. He produces quality music and studio time for those who are in need for a minimal fee and sometimes at no charge at all. He believes everyone should have a chance to chase their dreams and he loves to be a part of that musical journey.

Unfortunately, due to the sacrifices that he has made over the years for his family, his studio is no longer in good shape.  While I was going through some job changes he actually took care of our entire household for three months. There wasn’t an ill word that came from him, but his studio suffered financially during that time.

Tom I’m asking if you could possibly help Randall make his studio operative again.

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