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The question is, should people, mainly healthcare workers who have worked closely with Ebola patients in West Africa, be made to go into quarantine when they return here to the United States?

One nurse, Kaci Hickox, who flew back just last weekend says no way!

And she has threatened to sue two states already who tried to force her to do it.

First the state of New Jersey. When Hickox returned to Newark Airport after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, she was detained on mandatory quarantine orders from Governor Chris Christie.

Christie didn’t take kindly to her comments.

When a CDC-ordered test at the airport showed Hickox had an elevated temperature, she was placed in an isolation tent outside a New Jersey hospital, which according to her, had no heat and a box for a toilet.

She hired a lawyer, threatened to sue and soon after was released and driven to her home state of Maine, where she is now promising to defy its mandatory 21-quarantine policy and sue if she has to.

Yesterday I asked NBC News freelance photographer Ashoka Mukpo about the controversy.

He survived Ebola after being rushed back here from West Africa earlier this month.

Though Mukpo says science supports the nurse, he also believes that people like himself who have worked closely with Ebola patients in hot zones, must be aware of public perception and fear.

He told me he got in a car to go to a festival last weekend but when he got there he thought better of it and told his friends to take him home.

He’s not even a healthcare worker,  but it sounds like the nurse could use a lesson in humility from him.

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