Wal-Mart had a lot of explaining (and apologizing) to do when customers stumbled across a section on its Website titled “Fat Girl Costumes.”

For some mysterious reason, the discount department store allowed the label to go live on its page. Jezebel blew the whistle on Wal-Mart alerting thousand of potential customers to the majo faux pas.

The store could easily have used the Plus Size classification for this particular section since the costumes had all been labels. It’s not as if the web editor for the Wal-Mart website was at a loss when trying to come up with a less-offensive option for the section’s title.

It’s not clear how this slipped by the company’s notice, but Wal-Mart yanked the section from its site as it sent out a wave of apology tweets. It later put the section back up once more befoe taking it down again, and the company has vowed to to find out how the offending phrase made it online in the first place.

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Over on “The View,” host Rosie O’Donnell had a theory on the matter. Acknowledhing that fat shaming is a thing that goes on in the world, Rosie thinks that this issue may have been generated by customers.

“As someone who’s been obese most of her adult life, it’s hard at Halloween,” she said. “I think, probably, rather than Wal-Mart putting that up there, a chubby woman–or a woman who calls herself fat–wrote ‘fat women costumes’ and that was what they searched.”

She continued, “I don’t think the company of Wal-Mart had a meeting and said, ‘Let’s shame more than half of our customers. Let’s call them fat.’”

Showing yet more compassion for Wal-Mart, Rosie said that she believes the company mad a mistake.


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