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You’d likely be surprised that tofu has been a part of your diet and you had no idea! But honestly, you probably have no clue what tofu really is. So what is it? Besides being one of the most searched foods on the Internet, and a protein-packed, calcium-loaded meat alternative, what exactly is this vegetarian/vegan “meat”?

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Tofu (better known as bean curd), is a food created from the compression of soybeans, water and a coagulating agent. The result is a protein and calcium-rich food that is then pressed into blocks/squares. Tofu is subtle in flavor and can have a variety of consistencies.

The Asian population has had tofu in their diets for centuries and more recently tofu has begun to trend in American diets, especially for vegetarians and vegans. The heightened use of tofu in the States has created a lot of commotion around it. Some even criticize tofu due to it often being created with genetically modified soybeans.

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However, if you’re willing to do a little research and spend a couple extra bucks, you can steer clear of the GMO created versions. Research has actually shown that GMO-free tofu has a connection to decreasing the risk heart disease and cancer.

Here is a yummy tofu recipe so that you can try it out for yourself!

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