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For decades Bill Cosby has been enshrined as America’s most treasured TV Dad; the quintessential symbol of all that is good and wholesome in family values conscious America.

The adulation for Cosby is so colossal and enduring that he’s been rewarded with yet another run at a TV series and a mostly hero worship widely acclaimed biography. But what do we make of the other Cosby.

The one who a 47 year old artist now claims drugged and raped her when she was 17. She’s just the latest to pile on Cosby as a serial sexual predator. Her tale of alleged Cosby abuse is echoed almost in verbatim detail the identical sordid tales of drugging’s, rapes, and other assorted sexual abuses by thirteen other women that spanned decades.

The tragic irony is that he has done more than his women accusers to massacre his own image.

Cosby inadvertently made himself a sitting duck for the finger pointing when in his well-meaning, but ill-tempered tirades he repeatedly lambasted poor black teens and their parents for being lousy parents, educational slackers, for butchering the English language, and for their alleged thuggish behavior. The indictment was way too broad, too sweeping, and it inched dangerously close to reinforcing the same vile racial stereotypes that Cosby has spent most of his professional career fighting against. To no surprise, a horde of conservative commentators and unreconstructed bigots have stumbled over themselves to hail Cosby as the ultimate truth-giver and laud him for having the courage to air dirty racial laundry.

Now Cosby has been dumped back on the bad behavior hot seat. If America’s number one Dad can ride high up in the moral saddle and lecture other blacks on their alleged bad behavior, than he should be held to the same lofty standard. The hint of sexual misconduct left him wide open to the accusation that he was a hypocrite and a fraud.


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