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 Dropping traffic cameras from 64 locations across Cleveland could hit the city hard in cancelation fees.

An exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation reviewed the contract between the City of Cleveland and the company operating traffic cameras.

Under a section entitled “Termination for Agreement,” the city retains the right to cancel at any time—but could incur stiff cancelation fees.

An example used in the contract assumes there are 8.5 months remaining in the contract when canceled.

Under those conditions, for every 10 fixed cameras canceled, the city would be required to pay $142,000 in cancelation fees.

In addition, for every 10 mobile cameras, there would be another $127,800 in fees.

Cleveland currently operates 49 fixed and 15 mobile cameras.

When asked about the contract and cancelation fees, a spokesperson for the city said only, “I think you have your answer.”