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11/05/14 –

Dear Tom,

I never dreamed that i would be writing to ask for your help. In December 2013, my husband, of 24 years went into cardiac arrest.  In the midst of the nightmare, my daughter, son and I had to perform CPR until the ambulance arrived. Later, we were told that his heart stopped again on the way to the hospital.

Despite our best efforts, my husband, Curtis went without enough oxygen and sustained a good deal of brain injury.  It has affected his memory, breathing, speech and muscles.    t was recommended that we place him in a nursing home.  However, my children and I decided that no matter how much we had to sacrifice, we would care for him at home.

Tom, everything has changed with this situation; we went from a 3-income household to living on only my husband’s disability.  I pray that you can help me by granting us a Christmas wish.

Curtis must sleep with his head elevated or else he has trouble breathing.   He is currently sleeping in adjustable bed and i have pushed our bed by its side, so I can be near him at night and hold his hand.  His hospital bed is a rental and must be returned later this month.   It is my Christmas wish that you help us get a new adjustable bed, so we can once again sleep together  side-by-side and  I won’t have  to worry so much about his breathing issues.


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