Rumor has it the Washington Redskins are unlikely to extend Robert Griffin III‘s contract after much drama surrounding his return.

According to ESPN, the Redskins aren’t interested in committing to him for the long-term. He’s been extremely injury prone this season.

It’s unfortunate since he led the Redskins to the playoffs and performed very well during his first year. He hasn’t been able to reach that success again.

Ever since, he’s been an inconsistent player — a player who has been benched for being injury prone time after time again.

Nevertheless, Griffin believes he is Redskins’ long-term, “franchise” guy and that he could lead the team once again, but he has yet to prove it.

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“You have to prove yourself every day in this league. I take that mindset toward it, but when it comes to being the franchise guy … I believe that I am. I believe this organization knows that I am and I know those guys in the locker room believe that I am.”

Colt McCoy might be giving Griffin a run for his money — literally. The Redskins will most likely keep Griffin on for another year at the very least, but the clock seems to be ticking against him.


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