Yeah, that headline was read right.

A British woman, Zoe Fennessy, is blaming Ne-Yo‘s music for triggering her seizures.

Fennessy is a 26-year-old woman who was diagnosed with musicogenic seizures. She underwent a six-hour operation back in June.

It was then her doctors removed part of her left temporal lobe in order to stop them from occurring.

Although the operation has helped her with her seizures, it’s Ne-Yo’s music that makes her still struggle with her condition.

It’s a serious enough situation for her to wear earphones while she’s grocery shopping just in case one of his song comes on. But although it’s a serious situation, some folks might not take it seriously.

“I don’t dislike Ne-Yo or his music, it just dislikes me unfortunately,” she told SWNS. “People might think it is funny — and I can laugh at it myself — but it has taken over my life. It’s ruined my life.”