“You do have to get in shape for superhero movies, but I was lucky. I’ve had a lot of roles that I had to hit the gym for, so I already knew my way around the weights,” admits Cheadle. Don Cheadle, best known for his roles in Devil In A Blue Dress, Crash, and most recently the Iron Man trilogy, shares what he does to prepare for roles. Many of his roles, Cheadle does his own stunts.

“I have no groundbreaking moves that I do. I bike, I use free weights, I do Pilates, and I use a reformer [exercise equipment],” explains Cheadle.

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“Motivation for me usually stems from if I have to be naked on set or not,” jokes Cheadle. “But I’m not sure that that’s the best prescription. To live a healthy life takes discipline. It’s a matter of how you eat, of how you rest.

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