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*He may have placed a bit of the blame on current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is spreading it around to teachers unions in regards to violence in the black community.

Giuliani, who has stated that black-on-black crime is a bigger problem than the strained relationship between blacks and the police, aired out his latest views in an interview Geraldo Rivera on Monday. While noting recent nationwide protests against non-indictments for the police officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Giuliani mentioned how liberals have been ignoring underlying cause of police brutality against black communities, The Huffington Post reports.

“The energy that [Al] Sharpton and everyone else is spending protesting against police would save a lot more black lives if it would start talking about improving black education, if it would talk about improving the family situation in black neighborhoods, if it would talk about dealing with police officers with respect,” he Giuliani told Rivera when asked about de Blasio’s response to the situation.

From there, teachers unions became Giuliani’s next target with him suggesting the groups may partially be to blame for what’s happening.

“Maybe all these left-wing politicians who want to blame police, maybe there’s some blame here that has to go to the teachers union, for refusing to have schools where teachers are paid for performance, for fighting charter schools, for fighting vouchers so that we can drastically and dramatically improve education,” the politician stated.

Responding to Giuliani’s comments, an American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten simply referred the Post to the following tweet posted on Weingarten’s account Monday evening:

“Did #rudygiuliani really blame school teachers -not economics nor racism nor excessive force 4 #garner’s death. Has he lost it?” – @rweingarten

Rivera’s show wasn’t the only platform for Giuliani’s views on teacher’s union. The former mayor did double duty on Monday as he repeated his suggestion that teachers unions are contributing to problems in black communities on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with these communities. It’s problems that have to be cured, problems that have to be dealt with, like education,” he said. “Why not support charter schools? Why not support vouchers? Why not support new ways of having education in the black community, instead of submitting to the will of the teachers’ union?”

In addition to teachers unions, Giuliani’s interview with Rivera also included him claiming that police brutality was mainly driven by high crime rates among blacks.

“Liberal guilty whites have to stop refusing to say the bigger part of the problem here is black crime and not police overreaction. A small part of the problem is police overreaction. It is driven by the incredibly large rate — disproportionate rates of crime in the black community,” he said.


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