Kevin Hart is not slowing down. He has plenty of projects coming soon in 2015. And one of those projects, “Get Hard,” just released its first official poster.

It features Hart braiding co-stars Will Ferrell‘s hair as cornrows. Ferrell’s character, James King, hires Hart’s character, Darnell Lewis, to make him more “streetwise.”

According to Indiewire, King is a businessman on his way to prison for stealing millions of dollars from his clients. He hires Lewis to help him “get hard” instead of becoming someone’s beyotch while behind bars.

The comedy, which is slated for a Friday, March 23, 2015 release, is directed by first-timer Etan Cohen, and is written by Ian Roberts and Jay Martel.

There’s no trailer yet, but there should be one in a minute. And maybe in it there will be some indication of what is the rumored twist in the film.