Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  (pictured) is being accused of harassing a sales girl to the point where she summoned the New York police department to the famed Saks Fifth Avenue department store on Wednesday night. The clerk reportedly would not allow the undefeated boxing champ to use a restroom that had been corded off for a special event, according to the New York Daily News.

All heck allegedly broke loose after the 37-year-old welterweight needed to go and Alexandra Reiss, 23, would not allow him entry to a bathroom.  Reportedly, Mayweather became unhinged after Reiss blocked him from using the facility when members of his entourage had been allowed to do so.  Sources told the New York Daily News that Mayweather literally threw a ‘pissy fit’ that resulted in him allegedly referring to the woman as a “bitch,” pushing her arm away and calling her a “whore.”

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Reiss could no longer tolerate Mayweather’s abusive harangue, so she summoned “New York’s finest” for assistance.  Mayweather was reportedly taken aback by the sales girl’s move to call police particularly, since he made a truckload of purchases from the pricey retailer.  Mayweather reportedly believes Reiss gave him a difficult way to go because of his fame.

Meanwhile, the NYPD did not make an arrest because there was no one who would come forth to admit they witnessed Mayweather’s alleged aggressive antics.

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