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Here’s the problem when you starve yourself all day to make room for the big dinner: you end up overindulging. When you go hours without eating, your body begins storing calories as fat because it thinks there’s a shortage of food. And when you eat again? The calories will continue to be stored as fat until the body is confident that it’s no longer in starvation mode. You can avoid this by simply eating small meals throughout the day.

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3. Cook less food.

The less food you make, the less there is to eat. Sure, this may seem obvious, but how often does the following scenario happen? It’s Christmas day and you’ve made way too much food. As a result, you end up getting stuck with eating leftovers for two or three days in a row. Not only does this get old and annoying, but it’s also wreaking havoc on your waistline. Better yet, if you can, why not go to someone else’s house for Christmas dinner this year? If that’s not an option for you this year, then send your guests away with containers stuffed with leftovers. They’ll walk away happy and so will you!



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