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As the allegations against Bill Cosby continue to pile up, the public is still left with so many questions and very little answers. How many of these stories are true? Why hasn’t Cosby been thrown in jail? And why hasn’t he come forward with a statement?


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It looks like everyone will soon get all the answers they’ve been waiting for. Model Chloe Goins has pressed charges with the Los Angeles Police Department that accuse Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. In the report, Goins, then 18, claims to have gotten a drink from the comedian, which left her dizzy. Once she came to, she found herself naked, with Dr. Cosby licking her toes and masturbating. The model’s attorney, Spencer Kuvin, had the following to say:


Ms. Goins is now determined to accomplish what so many other victims no longer have the opportunity to do — to be the girl that puts Mr. Cosby behind bars, where he belongs. Ms. Goins is here today to seek justice … She fully understands and accepts the immense responsibility that her decision to be here today carries.


The importance of these charges are the statue of limitations in California. Under law, rape, penetration or rape of genital or anal openings by foreign object, or forcible acts of sexual penetration reported within 10 years of occurrence can be prosecuted. Officer Norma Eisenman of the LAPD told BuzzFeed that these new accusations will indeed be investigated.


It sounds like Dr. Huxtable’s day of reckoning is near.

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