Sex isn’t just physical; it is every bit spiritual.

Energy flows through everything around us. It is the life bearing force that makes living possible for every living thing imaginable.  Energy, or chi, is limitless and formless, but its vibration can be experienced consciously and unconsciously.

For many, sex is seen simply as a physical act, but it’s more than that. On the energetic level, each person deposits energy into the other during the experience. Through the connection of the genitals, the spirit also connects with that of another.

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As free and progressive as some view sex, emotional connection will always be established when two people decide to lay down together and this can complicate things for people who are basically “hooking up”.  Many want to treat sex casually without thinking about the emotional affects that come along with it, but this can be a detrimental habit.

Every time sex is occurring there is also an energy exchange.  If two people decide to sleep together they are making the decision to share not just body parts, but everything else that is contained within that body. Sickness and disease can be passed off to the next person during sexual contact, and the same applies to attitudes as well.  Anger, joy, sadness, irritation, excitement and the like are vibrational energies that can pass onto the next person.

When having sex with a partner it is healthy and helpful to be aware of the energy you’re exchanging.  Lower vibrational energy (anger, sadness, fear) manifests themselves as headaches, body aches, cloudy thoughts, irritation and poor attitude after having sex. The next day you may wake up feeling any of these conditions and not know where they came from.  Believe it or not, your body is telling you that you’ve picked up bad energy and need to get rid of it.

High vibrational energy can be exchanged and experienced during sex as well, but it is the lower vibrational energy that, if not cleared, can become trapped in areas of the body and cause imbalance and disease.  This is called “energetic debris” and this energy can be cleared in a few ways.

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