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The soulful lyrics of Trinidadian-born and British-bred R&B legend Billy Ocean have touched millions across Europe, as well the rest of the world, especially at the height of his career during the 1970s and 80s with hits like “Caribbean Queen” and the timeless ballad “Suddenly.”  Now in his early 60s, Ocean is still making music and touring the world, in large part because of his decision to go vegetarian more than 20 years ago.

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“When my mother died from ovarian cancer in 1989, it transformed my life,” Ocean told the UK Daily Mail in an interview.

“I looked at how she’d lived — a hard-working woman, only to die just three years after I was successful enough to take care of her. I realized I had to take care of myself. So I took a five-year break from music to spend time with my wife and three children. I became more spiritual and just went off meat.”

The fruits of his labor flourished and now he is looking better than some men half his age, which he states was one of many results from him becoming a vegetarian.

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Many people resent the vegetarian diet and one of the common reasons why is because meat is believed to be the only food source that provides the proper protein. Not to mention, who wants to resist the pleasurable sensation of a bacon cheeseburger? I mean, who don’t love bacon, right?

But protein is found in a huge variety of plants; peanuts, soybeans, chia seeds, sunflowers and the list goes on.

Meat provides protein, but meat gives you unsaturated fat, cholesterol, and sulphur containing amino acids that get metabolized along with the other proteins. Since humans are 80%water, the sulphur-based amino acids from the meat changes the pH of your body, making your blood more acidic, and acidic pH is very bad for you.

Vegetables on the other hand may require a higher quantity if you want the same amount of protein as meat, but it will maintain your pH (vegetables will not grow properly from acidic water) and you will feel lighter, more clear, and happier. Vegetables grow from two necessities of life: water and sunlight. The sun is not only a fireball, but also an infinite energy source; even standing in sunlight gives you energy!

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Vegetables provide all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and calories needed to sustain a fully active and happy life. No unwanted fats and sulphur included.

For Billy Ocean, tapping in to the life-sustaining power of vegetables has been key for the longevity of his career. “When you’re on stage, giving everything you have, it does require physical, mental and spiritual energy.”


Kali Johnson is a digital artist, blogger, teacher, videographer and photographer who has a passion for sharing sacred knowledge and valuable resources for those who may not have had the opportunity to receive them. He is also the Chief Content Manager of the Cycle of Peace; the non-profit organization that is combating the violence in Chicago. Check out his portfolio at:



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