CLEVELAND – A man in his 30s was shot and killed early Friday morning inside Club Fly High in Cleveland, the same club where a 2013 murder took place allegedly connected to the Heartless Felons gang.

The victim was found in the bathroom of the club located in the 7100 block of Superior Avenue near East 70th Street.

According to emergency officials, the male was shot in the chest multiple times. He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where police say he later died.

A frantic 911 caller can be heard on a dispatch recording saying two people were shot inside of the bathroom. However, Cleveland police said there was only one person shot.

Meanwhile, accused Heartless Felons ringleader Julius Webster is currently on trial for a murder connected to Club Fly High.

Webster, 28, is charged with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery in the death of Curtis Marks Jr., who was shot and killed outside the club on Aug. 29, 2013.

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