*Kyle Norman , a member of R&B group Jagged Edge, was arrested Thursday morning for a domestic dispute involving his fiancée in Atlanta.

The unidentified woman was battered and shaken. She told police Norman not only punched her, choked her, broke her phone, took her car keys, refused to let her leave, but shoved her engagement ring down her throat.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “When I arrived,” the officer wrote, “I was met by the victim who was visibly shaken.”

Norman became violent after an argument about drinking. According to police, he said, “she was gonna die today.”

“She stated that she began to agree with things that he was saying in an attempt to calm him down,” the officer wrote. “While doing that he turned around and walked away inside their loft and she ran and grabbed his cell phone and was able to run outside and awake a neighbor who let her inside.”