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1. Having no idea the last time you washed your bra. 

2. Using perfume instead of deodorant in a pinch.

3. Febreze-ing your jeans.

4. Spilling salsa on your shirt and removing it with a tortilla chip.

5. Seeing a stain on your clothes and trying to get it out by spitting on your hand. 

6. Texting your best friend about how black the water is when you do wash your bras.

7. Never washing any of your pants unless they get a stain.

8. Wearing your underwear inside out because all yours are dirty.

9. If you’re at a guy’s apartment, quickly pooping while you’re running the shower in the morning so he doesn’t realize you engage in totally normal human bodily functions.

10. Wearing bathing suit bottoms because all your underwear is dirty.

11. Testing the limits on how long you can go between hair shampoos. 

12. Trimming your own bangs because you’re just too lazy to make it to the hairdresser.

13. Eating whatever you can find in the kitchen out of pure boredom.

14. Taking perverse pleasure in removing blackheads. 

15. Wearing the same tights for, like, a week.

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