1. The move: Making a ton of noise when you orgasm.

What guys think: Sex noises (and dirty talk) are always great, but focus on your orgasm, not …..

2. The move: Talking in an itsy bitsy baby voice the whole time.

What guys think: I never, ever want to hear the baby voice during sex. Full disclosure, I never want to hear it, but …

3. The move: Deep throating.

What guys think: Deep throating is nice, but you’d be surprised what you can do with your hands and just the tip in your mouth (hint: ….

4. The move: For us to have like eight hands and be able to turn into a human sex carnival.

What guys think:  As much as guys would love to bang a human sex carnival (it’s all we talk about when we get together for beers and sports), don’t do anything you’re not…

5. The move: Saying his name over and over again.

What guys think: A couple times is enough, and it’s not even necessary (but it is super hot). Just don’t say it over and …

6. The move: Keeping your eyes closed the whole time even though you kind of want to see what’s going on.

What guys think: I get that some people might get put off by unbroken, direct eye-contact, but keeping your eyes closed through all of it is weirder. That means either A) you don’t want to look at us or B)…..

7. The move: Putting on complex lingerie every time sex happens.

What guys think: I don’t think guys are surprised when they find out you’ve got your granny panties on because you forgot to do laundry. You definitely don’t always need to be wearing sexy….

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