That friend-with-benefits situation is complicated.

“I felt really lucky to meet a cute, sweet guy who lived in my apartment complex. It started off really casual. He would hold the elevator for my daughter and me, join us for walks with our dog, and drop by the apartment now and then to hang with us. So, I guess I was in the friend zone….

Tip-toe into the dating pool.

“I was a new single mom in my late 20s when I thought I was ready to date again. Instead of taking a hard look at my past mistakes and wrong turns…

Don’t force yourself to be…in love right away.

“I’m divorced and dating a really great, sexy guy…but I’m just not 100 percent into it, even though he is great with my kids and treats me like a queen,” says Dana, 34. Divorcing my husband…

Swap sitting services.

Babysitting is so expensive, especially if you want to have a nice night out where you can relax, wine and dine, and (who knows) maybe go back to his place…

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