My boyfriend and I have kind of argued about jellybeans. I say “kind of” because it didn’t get serious, but still, we definitely had completely opposite opinions about the situation. For some backstory, Blake got a huge vat of jellybeans as a Christmas present from his family….

For the rest of Christmas break, that was our faux-argument/inside joke, to the point where we would hide the container from each other. Here are a few more silly fights my friends and I have gotten into with our partners:

  • Blake and I have also argued about the Oxford comma, journalism nerds that we are. I win this one, sinceGlamour approves of it. That’s because it’s grammatically correct, gets your point across, and just looks right. Ha!
  • I asked a friend for input, and she said, “My friend got into a fight with her husband over Valentine’s Day weekend because she asked for flowers and specified that she didn’t…
  • Another friend told her guy she didn’t see the point of Kanye West. Her boyfriend didn’t appreciate her denying rapper’s artistry. “He’s really, really into Kanye West. Like, to a weird degree,” my friend said….
  • And this story made me laugh out loud: “My ex-boyfriend and I had a huge yelling argument over the correct way to pronounce the Boston train station ‘Lechmere,'” another friend told me. “Oh god, I got so mad at him over that. It’s ‘LEECHmeer’ not ‘Letchmeer.’ I …

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