WSVN Miami is reporting that there was no shooting at Lil’ Wayne’s mansion. The rapper was a victim of a prank which is sometimes referred to as “swatting”. It’s when someone calls in a fake emergency call, to typically, a celebrity’s home which then prompts a huge police response.

Rapper Lil’ Wayne is safe after four people were allegedly shot at his Miami Beach mansion early Wednesday afternoon according to various reports.

According to TMZ, police arrived to Wayne’s mansion after someone called 911 to report the shooting. According to the gossip site, Miami PD “raced” to the house to set up a perimeter of the estate.

Lil’ Wayne was not at home during the alleged event. His record label tweeted an update, writing:

According to WSVN Miami, the SWAT team is searching the rapper’s 15,000 sq ft home to confirm if there was an actual shooting.

This is a developing story.

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