*If I had to reveal the most horrible story I’ve ever written, this would have to be it: hands down. A Detroit mother named Mitchelle Blair (pictured) has claimed responsibility for killing two of her four children; whose bodies were found stuffed in black plastic bags in a freezer that sat in the living room. The gruesome discovery was made after an eviction order was acted upon.

Blair, 35, was living in another apartment in the same complex the bodies were found in, at the time the gruesome discovery was made.

At first, it was not known if the two remaining children knew what had occurred with their deceased siblings. But since the alleged confession by Blair, it has been determined that they were aware of their mother’s actions.

The children’s bodies are said to have been in the freezer anywhere from one to two years. 

Blair admitted she killed 9-year-old Stephen Berry first and 13-year-old Stoni Blair a year later after she discovered they had been molesting a young relative, two police sources familiar with the case said Wednesday.