Waterproof and surrounded by a machine washable cover the “Love Lounge” by Love Bumper is an essential for lovers who seek to improve upon movement, depth of penetration and overall enjoyment during sex. Great for couples with height differences that make sex positioning difficult, the Love Lounge is ideal for those who have back, knee or hip issues. This lounger can be used in the bed or on the floor to assist in the love making experience and comes equipped with a pocket for vibrator placement for hands-free fun. Adding restraints to this sex furniture piece is also an option to add a bit of kink into the experience. Unlike the previously mentioned pieces, the Love Lounge can be stored away in a closet when not in use.  To discover the many unique uses of this sexual assistant, log on to www.lovebumper.com.

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Fun Rocker $225

Inflatable yet durable for the daring couple that attempts to try sex with a bounce, the Fun Rocker serves as the only piece of furniture on the list that can be deflated and stored away until future use. Its simple construction creates an ease in use while its inflated nature allows both partners to bounce their way to ecstasy. The Fun Rocker features four restraints to help keep the receiving partner in place during the sexual experience. It’s bouncy, kinky fun when using this piece of sex furniture.  To find out more information about the Fun Rocker, visit www.myfunrocker.com.


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