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Managing chronic illness where many medications are involved can be tedious and inconvenient. Chances are,  you make recurring, time-consuming trips to the retail pharmacy. There’s also the cost of gas or bus fare and the potential for more insurance issues. You may even skip the occasional refill if finances won’t stretch that month to cover all the copays.

For folks taking multiple medications or their caregivers, the challenges of managing multiple prescriptions can feel downright overwhelming.

“There’s a huge difference between taking one or two prescriptions daily and five or more,” said Dave Krishna, RPh and COO for DeliverCareRx. “When pharmacies make it simpler for people to take multiple prescriptions, they’re more likely to stay compliant, which makes it easier for them to maintain or even improve their health.”

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DeliverCareRx, a U.S.-based pharmacy, makes it their mission to reach people where they are. The pharmacy recently shared with three benefits of using a prescription service such as theirs.

1. Medications come to you.

Studies have found that making the process of prescription filling easier for patients is likely to improve patient compliance with their medications, according to the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services. “We offer free home delivery,” said Derrick Janssen, Director of Customer Care for DeliverCareRx. “But what’s also convenient is that we synchronize a customer’s meds so they arrive in one single monthly package.”

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