Dear Tom,

My father Elbert Muhammad is a very hard working man. He is a single parent with six children — 4 boys and 2 girls; three of the boys are in college.

He works two jobs:  one at a Chicago public high school and also at a group home.  His work hours on weekdays are from 7 am-12 am.

The money he earns goes straight to bills and children. He never spends anything on himself.

He recently came back from a doctor checkup and was told that he has high stress levels the doctor insisted that he must relax or be put on stress relief pills.

Mr. Tom Joyner, I do not want to see my dad ever being prescribed medication.  All I ask is to please help him by giving him a 3-4 day vacation so he can relax and lower his stress.  I would be totally grateful if you can assist my father with this gift!

Thank you, his youngest son Ansar.

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